About Us
Bulurum.com is the website of the 11880 Business Directory, part of BN Telekom.
BN Telekom provides since it's foundation, innovative communication and content services and applications via Internet and telephony channels. It's expertise and specialization in the areas it operates, along with the cutting edge technologies it uses, enable BN Telekom to offer reliable, innovative, value added services targeted to both the end user (B2C) and companies - partners (B2B). These services are provided using all available types of communication (voice, SMS, MMS, e-Commerce, WAP, etc.) and cover Interactive (Interactive Media), Information and Entertainment services.
BN Telekom's extensive experience and it's proven reliability and efficiency in providing directory inquiry services, led to the creation of the 11880 Business Directory advertising platform, which is available in online and voice format, in order to cover all different channels of local search.
Being part of this platform, Bulurum.com, the online business directory provides detailed, geolocated information for all kinds of businesses and professionals in all regions and cities in Turkey. It has become unquestionably the largest and leader local search engine in Turkey.
Bulurum.com's intelligent and flexible search engine, provides helpful local information to ready to buy customers and is definitely a necessary vehicle for any professional’s online communication and promotion.
For more information about BN Telekom visit it's official website:www.bntelekom.com.tr