Terms And Conditions
1. These terms of use specify the use of the service www.bulurum.com (referred to hereinafter as “the service”), provided by the company with the name “BN TELEKOM HABERLEŞME TİCARET A.Ş." (referred to hereinafter as “the company”).
2. The aforementioned service enables the user

a) to search the company’s database for an enterprise or a professional natural person by using the enterprise’s or the natural person’s name or activity or registered office as key words or by typing the prefecture or the area or the address of the enterprise’s or the individual’s registered office.

It is clarified that the user is allowed to perform a limited number of searches per day, which is 50 searches.

b)to find the exact location of the enterprise’s or the individual’s registered office on the website’s geographical map, how to go there, as well as points of interest near the enterprise’s or the individual’s registered office.
c) to forward to the company their own details (more specifically, name or business name, activity and registered office) in order to be included among the businesses and professionals that are included in the company’s database. To this aim the user fills in the form under the name “Add a Free Listing”. It is clarified that this form is filled in only by the person who desires the registration to www.bulurum.com, it is expressly forbidden the registration of its details by third party with charge or free of charge.
3. For the users’ convenience and with the criterion of the category of enterprises or professional individuals (legal entities), the home page of the website features the most popular categories of enterprises or professional individuals and the user can search more quickly the information he seeks by selecting one of these categories and specifying the place he is interested in.
4. The service provided on this website and the content published on the website, including the maps, the photos and the videos, can be used for personal, non professional use only. It is forbidden to use the website for commercial purposes.
5.The user is responsible for accessing the website and the service and he must use the website for legitimate purposes and in accordance with the moral ethics. It is explicitly agreed that the users of the service are not allowed to use technical means to access the website’s database. For example, they are not allowed to use software for the automatic retrieval of data for personal or professional use.
6. This website is the company's property. The service and the content (including, but not limited to: data, databases, software, photos, videos, information, logos, distinctive marks) that appear on the website or are available to the website’s visitors are intended for strictly personal use only and they are they protected by copyright law and by the law about trademarks. The fact that they appear on the website does not mean that the user is licensed to use them or that the license to use them is transferred to the user. Any copy, reproduction, presentation, adaptation, modification, publication and distribution of part or all of the service and/or the content in any way whatsoever, either the content belongs to the company or to a third party, is forbidden. It is also forbidden to modify and/or delete the copyrights, trademarks or photographs that appear on the website or on the relevant maps. More specifically, regarding the photographs of Turkish regions sent by users who have accepted these terms of use, the users grant www.bulurum.com a simple license to use, and more specifically to post such photographs on the aforementioned website. The users who send photos declare that these photos are their own work or that they have obtained the consent of their legal beneficiary to post them on www.bulurum.com and that they haven’t violated any intellectual property rights or copyrights on the photos. The company will not held responsible for any violation of any rights on these photos and such responsibility lies solely and exclusively with the user who sent the photo.
7. The content and the service are provided “as is”. The company is not responsible for the availability, integrity, validity and completeness of the information. The routing application from one address to another or from an address to a point of interest is the result of an algorithm and may not be the shortest possible. The company is not responsible for users’ decisions based on information that is contained in this website or that becomes available through this website. Every user is responsible to protect his personal equipment and software against viruses.
8.The company cannot guarantee that the service will always be available without interruptions and that it will operate free of faults and disruptions. Interruptions may occur due to technical conditions that the company cannot control, especially in case the Internet or the website is unavailable or in case the service is temporarily interrupted. The same also applies when maintenance or update works are being carried out. The user declares his agreement with such works, which are usually carried out outside the usual working hours, if possible, and are announced reasonably on time together with their relevant adverse effects. Such temporary unavailability of the service is not a fault or an error. The company is not responsible for any damage that the user may suffer due to the use and/or unavailability of the use of the service, the information and this website.
9. bulurum.com may contain links to other websites that are controlled by third parties. These links are provided to facilitate the users and do not mean that the company supports such web pages or accepts their content. If the user chooses to use these links, he should be aware that he leaves the company’s web page and that the company has no control over the web pages of third parties. Therefore, the company may in no case be held liable for the content of the web pages to which the links direct, for the protection of the privacy of the information that the user provides when visiting third –party web pages or for any financial or other damage or loss that the user may suffer. These terms do not apply to third-party web pages. The user must act carefully and he must be informed about the privacy policy of the web pages that he visits.
10. The personal information of the users who wish to be included in the company’s database of enterprises and professionals will be processed (including, but not limited to collected, entered, organized, saved) for the provision of the service and for the promotion of the company’s products and services in accordance with the law about the protection of personal data. The use of the service by such users implies their consent to the company for the processing of their information in the context of the service.
11. The users may contact the company at the number 0212 411 70 00 or by sending an e-mail in the e-mail address info@bulurum.com or a fax at the number 0212 411 70 71. With the aforementioned contact methods, the user may confirm his personal data that the company keeps in its computer systems and request from the company to correct, change or delete such data. If the user wishes to be deleted from the company’s database, he must send a signed request asking to be deleted from the company’s computer system to the fax number 0212 411 70 71 or to the e-mail address info@bulurum.com . Otherwise, namely if the company has not received a signed request by the user asking to be deleted from the company’s computer system, the company reserves the right to keep the user’s personal information in the context of the service and for sending promotional messages.
12. The company (either by its own and/or in cooperation with specialized third-party companies) collects information about the website traffic in order to count the visitors, to export statistics and to improve the website’s functionality, including, but not limited to the use of cookies, web beacons, etc. During a visit on the website, the pages that the user visits and any cookies that may be contained in these pages are downloaded on the user’s computer. Cookies are text files that identify the website visitors’ computers to the server. These cookies are stored on the user’s computer only to establish or to facilitate the communication via the electronic communications network or, when this is necessary, to provide the service that the user has requested. The user of the service may set his computer browser in such a way, so as to warn him for the use of cookies in specific services of the bulurum.com website or to completely block the use of cookies. The users may follow the link http://www.nielsen-netratings.com/privacy/sitecensus.htm for more information on how the company uses third-party services to collect and use information for this website.
13. The company has the right to make modifications or additions to the service and these terms of use of the website. Any modification will be announced on the www.bulurum.com website.
14. The use of the service presupposes the unreserved acceptance of these terms of use.
15. These terms of use are governed by the Turkish Law. The Courts of İstanbul will have the exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute that may arise from or in connection with these terms of use.
Last Update, Tuesday 23 October 2012